Styling Chairs

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PRICE $1,176.00
The Ghia is a retro-inspired, sleek, and chic chair that has sustained the market for over a decade through a longstanding history of durability, performance, and timeless style.

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PRICE $1,160.00
The Duet Styling Chair by Takara Belmont makes a bold statement in chair design.

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Bossa Nova
PRICE $844.00
The Modern Classic Bossa Nova filled with Charm and Natural Flair.

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PRICE $1,013.00
The Caruso features a stunning design, superior comfort and all around quality.

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PRICE $953.00
The Virtus features a distinguished square style and a stately presence...

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PRICE $1,050.00
The Bellus has gentle contours, a plush seat, and a sweetheart design add an opulent look and feel to each chair...

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PRICE $1,028.00
The Novo provides ample seating room with an open-concept design for a light and airy look...

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PRICE $906.00
The Odin styling chair features up to four inches of foam and 19.5 inches of seating space

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Bossa Nova ST
PRICE $944.00
An open back design allows for easy clean-up between services and adds air circulation for customer comfort during longer visits.

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Libra Styling Chair
PRICE $993.00
Competitively priced, the Libra is fast becoming an icon of timeless salon design. With elements of modern style and a classical structure, this beauty will last well into the future.

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