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Rollerball F Stand
PRICE $3,650.00
A sophisticated, restyled successor to the original, the Rollerball F Stand Type brings new possibilities in hair design.

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Model 30
PRICE $432.00
Lightweight, strong, and stylish -- the Model 30 bowl features a trendy heart-shaped design that is constructed from reinforced fiberglass

Availability: In Stock
Model 200
PRICE $554.00
A proven favorite with its attractive styling, durability, and performance

Availability: In Stock
Base – B1A
PRICE $525.00
As one of our best-selling bases, the B1A base is a proven favorite

Availability: In Stock
Gemini II
PRICE $420.00
With a Takara Belmont standard of reliability, it provides a smooth operation throughout a service

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $1,850.00
The Ghia is a retro-inspired, sleek, and chic chair that has sustained the market for over a decade through a longstanding history of durability, performance, and timeless style.

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PRICE $5,050.00
The RS Luxis Shampoo Unit combining style with comfort.

Availability: In Stock
Bossa Nova
PRICE $920.00
The Modern Classic Bossa Nova filled with Charm and Natural Flair.

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $3,400.00
The Bahama Shampoo Unit, adding a sleek and chic look to your salon.

Availability: In Stock
Rollerball F Wall
PRICE $5,400.00
The wall-mounted version of the Roller Ball F provides a space-saving solution with both power and performance.

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $8,000.00
Vivacious curves, definitive character and a sleek style – the RSIII Elite Shampoo Unit redefines luxury. It features a full-body design coupled with an ultra-deep bowl and gel neck rest, allowing you to offer clients a relaxing Shiatsu Shampoo Service.

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $1,470.00
The Caruso features a stunning design, superior comfort and all around quality.

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $2,800.00
The Sara Shampoo Unit brings big style with a small footprint

Availability: In Stock
Micro Mist
PRICE $3,630.00
Regain natural healthy hair with the power of water! Micro Mist treats damaged hair more effectively than other steamers by using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $5,000.00
The Oregon shampoo unit adds a unique lounge-style comfort and a sleek look to a space

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $1,250.00
The Virtus features a distinguished square style and a stately presence...

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $1,300.00
The Bellus has gentle contours, a plush seat, and a sweetheart design add an opulent look and feel to each chair...

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $1,300.00
The Novo provides ample seating room with an open-concept design for a light and airy look...

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $2,300.00
Designed for comfort and stability, this Shampoo Unit offers roomy seating for your clients

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $204.00
Classic styling and a geometric design, the Gypsy maximizes operating space for quick and efficient services

Availability: In Stock
PRICE $1,150.00
The Odin styling chair features up to four inches of foam and 19.5 inches of seating space

Availability: In Stock
Elegance BB-225 w/ Headrest
PRICE $4,130.00
This is a retro barber chair for modern times. Cast aluminum body, towel bar and clipper hook completes the old-time look.

Availability: In Stock
Clipper Barber Chair
PRICE $4,600.00
This chair brings a breath of fresh air to the barber industry, with it's traditional, nostalgic, and modern design.

Availability: In Stock
Legacy Barber Chair
PRICE $7,200.00
The Legacy offers features that will make a barber or stylist’s job easier while offering supreme comfort to every client.

Availability: In Stock
Dainty Barber Chair
PRICE $2,680.00
Strikingly attractive and a versatile long-term partner, the Dainty chair is a firm and comfortable barber chair that brings forth a classic appeal.

Availability: In Stock
Sportsman Barber Chair
PRICE $2,420.00
Uniquely styled, arrestingly fit and intently versatile team player, the Sportsman will make you feel right at home with its unique look.

Availability: In Stock
Libra Styling Chair
PRICE $1,150.00
Competitively priced, the Libra is fast becoming an icon of timeless salon design. With elements of modern style and a classical structure, this beauty will last well into the future.

Availability: In Stock
K25 Base
PRICE $660.00
Hydraulic base and pump cover in brushed chrome. Available for Styling Chairs and Barber chairs.

Availability: In Stock