Men's Grooming

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Elegance BB-225 w/ Headrest
PRICE $4,130.00
This is a retro barber chair for modern times. Cast aluminum body, towel bar and clipper hook completes the old-time look.

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Clipper Barber Chair
PRICE $4,600.00
This chair brings a breath of fresh air to the barber industry, with it's traditional, nostalgic, and modern design.

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Legacy Barber Chair
PRICE $7,200.00
The Legacy offers features that will make a barber or stylistís job easier while offering supreme comfort to every client.

Availability: In Stock
Dainty Barber Chair
PRICE $2,680.00
Strikingly attractive and a versatile long-term partner, the Dainty chair is a firm and comfortable barber chair that brings forth a classic appeal.

Availability: In Stock
Sportsman Barber Chair
PRICE $2,420.00
Uniquely styled, arrestingly fit and intently versatile team player, the Sportsman will make you feel right at home with its unique look.

Availability: In Stock