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Model 30
PRICE $432.00
Lightweight, strong, and stylish -- the Model 30 bowl features a trendy heart-shaped design that is constructed from reinforced fiberglass

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Model 200
PRICE $554.00
A proven favorite with its attractive styling, durability, and performance

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PRICE $5,050.00
The RS Luxis Shampoo Unit combining style with comfort.

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PRICE $3,400.00
The Bahama Shampoo Unit, adding a sleek and chic look to your salon.

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PRICE $8,000.00
Vivacious curves, definitive character and a sleek style the RSIII Elite Shampoo Unit redefines luxury. It features a full-body design coupled with an ultra-deep bowl and gel neck rest, allowing you to offer clients a relaxing Shiatsu Shampoo Service.

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PRICE $2,800.00
The Sara Shampoo Unit brings big style with a small footprint

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PRICE $5,000.00
The Oregon shampoo unit adds a unique lounge-style comfort and a sleek look to a space

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PRICE $2,300.00
Designed for comfort and stability, this Shampoo Unit offers roomy seating for your clients

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PRICE $204.00
Classic styling and a geometric design, the Gypsy maximizes operating space for quick and efficient services

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