Regular Vinyl

Regular vinyl may be reclassified as special vinyl without prior notice. 

Oatmeal: Pat-8602
Terracotta: PAT-8611Paprika: PAT-8529Peacock: PAT-8620Peacock: PAT-8620Peacock: PAT-8620Peacock: PAT-8620Peacock: PAT-8620

Concrete: PAT-8604
Sand: PAT-8504Port: PAT-8533Grotto: PAT-8564Grotto: PAT-8564Grotto: PAT-8564Grotto: PAT-8564
Putty: PAT-8506
Orange Kist: PAT-8613Burgundy: PAT-8569Forest: PAT-8571Forest: PAT-8571Forest: PAT-8571Forest: PAT-8571
Sable: PAT-8610
Salsa: PAT-8614Sapphire: PAT-8544Sapphire: PAT-8544Sapphire: PAT-8544Sapphire: PAT-8544Sapphire: PAT-8544

Special Vinyl

Special vinyl refers to non-stocked variants that require an extra 1-3 weeks lead time. Opting for these colors incurs an additional cost. Special vinyl orders cannot be canceled.

NOTE: We make every effort to present our product colors accurately. However, differences in monitor settings, screen resolutions, and lighting can impact the perceived color and texture. For accurate color and texture samples as well as exact Estimated Lead Times, please reach out to your local sales representative. Standard Black color grades may vary between products.