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Rollerball F Stand
PRICE $3,650.00
A sophisticated, restyled successor to the original, the Rollerball F Stand Type brings new possibilities in hair design.

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Base  B1A
PRICE $525.00
As one of our best-selling bases, the B1A base is a proven favorite

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Gemini II
PRICE $420.00
With a Takara Belmont standard of reliability, it provides a smooth operation throughout a service

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Rollerball F Wall
PRICE $5,400.00
The wall-mounted version of the Roller Ball F provides a space-saving solution with both power and performance.

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Micro Mist
PRICE $3,630.00
Regain natural healthy hair with the power of water! Micro Mist treats damaged hair more effectively than other steamers by using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles

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K25 Base
PRICE $660.00
Hydraulic base and pump cover in brushed chrome. Available for Styling Chairs and Barber chairs.

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Spa Mist Stand Bundle
PRICE $3,500.00
Vibrant colors, lasting curls, and stronger wave length the Spa Mist II enhances salon treatments by generating a fine mist of microscopic water particles.

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Spa Mist Wagon Bundle
PRICE $4,300.00
Enhanced mobility and storage is now easier with the Spa Mist II Wagon type. With mobile casters, ample storage, and a wagon-mounted Spa Mist II unit, you can keep your deep conditioning and service essentials organized and ready for treatments and services.

Availability: In Stock