Hidetaka Yoshikawa,
Chairman & CEO

Our mission is to help people fulfill their wish to remain beautiful and healthy by providing superior products and services.

Its the common pursuit of beauty and health that unites people of all countries, generations and eras. And while we have provided products and services to the world for countless years, the role we all share continues to be a steadfast reminder of the love and responsibility that first sparked our passion.

We strive for innovation and improvement. The shifting-tides of digitalization and globalization drew waves of change: change in the way we live, change in corporate management, and change in society. With this change, we expect society to look towards our industry for answers to growing needs in the beauty and health fields.

With an eye towards the future, we continue to advance in all areas by maximizing the potential of technology, expanding our capabilities and creating value for our customers through new products and enhanced services. The tremendous value placed on our customers is unwavering and remains as both a priority and tribute to our success. With a diverse culture of resources, we embark on a journey to improve ourselves and the world for years to come.