Shipping & Deliveries

Your package will be delivered via UPS, FedEx, or Freight. The shipping and/or tracking information will be available within the account summary page.

6 Steps to a Successful Delivery

1. Check Package(s) Externally: On arrival, immediately inspect the shipment for signs of damage. You have the right to reject packages and you must inspect all goods before signing the delivery receipt. Please take note of any dents, dings, punctures and signs of tampering. Only accept packages after you have carefully inspected the package and approve of the arrival condition.

2. Report Damages and Refuse Delivery: If your inspection yields noticeable signs of damage, open the package while the driver is still there and check the product for damage. If there is product damage, refuse the damaged box and call the freight company immediately to report the damage. Afterwards, take photos of the damage and contact us for help.

3. Compare Delivery Receipts: Review the number of boxes and match the delivery receipt with the amount of boxes delivered. The receipt should always match the number of boxes shipped and the serial number.

4. Request a Delivery Signature: Do not wave your delivery signature rights. If you waive your right to inspect the package upon delivery, you forfeit all product warranties and Takara Belmont USA, Inc. cannot cover costs involved with damaged products.

5. Sign and Approve: Sign the delivery receipt if you are satisfied with the condition of the package and the box count matches the delivery receipt. If there are any discrepancies or if you have any issues, immediately contact our customer service department before signing or allowing the driver to leave.

6. Open and Check the Package Contents: Please open and inspect all packages within 3 days of delivery. We can help with any issues that you may have if you contact us.